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Provider American Breast Care
Course Title Beyond Fitting: Cornerstones to Success
Maximum Scientific 6.75
Maximum Business 2.25
Certification Program Certified Mastectomy Fitter
Name: Nikki Giamarino
Phone: 770.933.3444, ext 234
Description This course is an extension of the Basic Foundations of Fitting course and explores critical topics, such as billing, more deeply than time allows for in the Basic Foundations of Fitting course. This course is most appropriate for an experienced mastectomy fitter.

Begin Date End Date City State Website
4/25/2023 4/25/2023 Denver CO versity/livetraining-2/
7/12/2023 7/12/2023 West Des Moines IA versity/livetraining-2/
8/17/2023 8/17/2023 Dayton OH versity/livetraining-2/
9/19/2023 9/19/2023 Marietta GA versity/livetraining-2/
9/22/2023 9/22/2023 N. Myrtle Beach SC versity/livetraining-2/
  12/31/2023 ity/livetraining-2/