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Course Title Scratch Back All Course Bundle-12 Courses (Webinar)
Maximum Scientific 33.75
Maximum Business 7.5
Certification Program Certified Orthotist, Certified Prosthetist, Pedorthist, Certified Orthotic Fitter, Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Certified DME Specialist
Name: Mina Massih
Phone: 402.707.1543
Description “Administrative Scheduling Procedures Prior to a Fitting”; “Ankle and Foot Measurements and Bracing”; “Applying an Orthotic Girdle for the Treatment of Sciatic Pain”; “Bracing the Wrist and Rehabilitation”; “Fitting the Athletic Foot”; “Flatfoot Course”; “Knee Injury, Knee Bracing and Rehabilitation”; “Low Back”; “Lower Extremity Injury Occurring in Athletes”; “LSOs and Measurements”; “Measurements & TLSO’s”; “Orthotics on Wheels”.