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Provider Juzo
Course Title Traditional and Alternative Treatments for Lymphedema
Maximum Scientific 9
Maximum Business 0
Certification Program Certified Orthotist, Certified Prosthetist, Pedorthist, Certified Orthotic Fitter, Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Certified DME Specialist
Name: Caroline Pinney
Phone: 800.222.4999
Description Participants will learn traditional treatments for Lymphedema, as well as alternative, adjunct therapies such as diet, essential oils, supplements and therapy tape.

Begin Date End Date City State Website
6/11/2020 6/11/2020 West Palm FL
7/16/2020 7/16/2020 Charlotte NC
9/15/2020 9/15/2020 Syracuse NY
10/27/2020 10/27/2020 St Joseph MO
11/10/2020 11/10/2020 Portland OR