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Provider R.J. Hedges & Associates
Course Title Accreditation & Federal Regulatory Compliance
Maximum Scientific 23.75
Maximum Business 1.5
Certification Program Certified Orthotic Fitter, Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Certified DME Specialist
Name: Alisa Isenberg
Phone: 724.357.8380
Description (For R.J. Hedges clients who are Accredited & BOC Certified) Computer Based Training (CBT) - Individual segments reviewing the process required to implement, document and maintain compliance with Medicare, AO and federal regulations. Participants can receive up to 23.75 CEUs. Nine Modules: Management: 23.75 Business CEUs, Compliance Officer:10.75 Business CEUs, Quality Assurance Officer:10.75 Business CEUs, Healthcare Professionals: 12.25 CEUs-10.75 (B) & 1.5 (S), Technicians (Non-drivers):12.25 CEUs-10.75 (B) & 1.5 (S), Part B Billing Specialist:10.75 Business CEUs, HIPAA Privacy Officer:19.75 Business CEUs, HIPAA Security Officer:19.75 Business CEUs, All Employees:9.75 Business CEUs.