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Provider VGM Education
Course Title HR019c - Cultural Competence in Healthcare - Part 3
Maximum Scientific 0
Maximum Business 1
Certification Program Certified Orthotist, Certified Prosthetist, Pedorthist, Certified Orthotic Fitter, Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Certified DME Specialist
Name: Heather Johnson
Phone: 866.227.8171
Description HR019c is the third part of a three-part course designed to help health care providers increase their understanding of a variety of cultures, religious beliefs, and spiritual practices as well as the age-appropriate care needed to better serve the needs of the individual patient within the health system. In HR019c, you will learn about age-specific competency as it relates to people from newborn to preschool, school-age children, adolescents, young adults, middle-aged adults, and older adults. You will learn that to provide proper care, the caregiver’s communication, and approach should be appropriate for the person’s age.